Aplomb Gu10


A special cement of exclusive amalgam is the protagonist of Aplomb lamps, a model that combines sophistication and materiality by projecting a concentrated beam of light downwards.



Born from the desire to use raw cement, a material typical of large modern architectural structures, to create an illuminating object with fine and refined shapes, the Aplomb lamp has been a great success since its inception. Thanks to a cement with a special formula, capable of sliding in a fine mold, it has been possible to obtain such an elegant and inimitable product, not only in the characteristic inverted funnel shape but also in the surface materiality, at the same time rough and pleasant to the touch. An even smaller version of the original Aplomb pendant lamp is also made from this material and can be used alone or combined with the larger model: in domestic or contract environments, on tables, counters or islands. Aplomb mini also comes in three shades, to create infinite combinations and situations: gray, white and brown.

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Gray, White