Ideal for decorating the space with its ample size and soft, solar design, the Bahia wall lamp is a harmony of light and shadows. White, pure and absolute, it offers a sensational visual depth, thanks to the concentric glows that reflect off the wall and extend into the surrounding space.

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Bahia is a wall and ceiling lamp that attracts and attracts, thanks to the particularity of its design and the unprecedented play of light and shadow that is produced. Its charm emerges from the overlapping of three plates, imperceptibly asymmetrical in profile and in their reciprocal arrangement. The first two house the light source, accompanying and embracing the light that runs over its concave surface, fading towards the edges. The third element completes the composition, cutting itself out against the light in a decisive and contrasting way. Each glow emanating from Bahia is included in a more widespread and diffuse glow, a magical composition of light and dark, which makes it both an illuminating object and a luminous decoration. Bahia is proposed in a single absolute tonality, white, to highlight its scenographic essentiality, its being without appearing. Bahia is capable of decorating an entire wall by itself, with a reduced thickness, or creating multiple compositions, luminous archipelagos in the domestic or collective space.

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