Independent light

Bicoca was born with the optimism of brightening up life and accompanying you in the good times, wherever you go. This new colorful, cordless, battery-powered, energy-efficient, lightweight and portable lamp projects an intimate light that brings warmth to your personal space.

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Bicoca is based on a superposition of basic geometric figures, with an adjustable screen to direct the light. It comes with three accessories that make it even more versatile: A magnet can be attached to its base to secure it to metal surfaces, even vertically, defying gravity. It also comes with an accessory that allows you to rest it on the sofa or on the headboard of the bed and thus enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

The wide range of colors adapts to different tastes and spaces. Bicoca is small, handy, versatile and autonomous.

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Anthracite, Light blue, Off-white, Pale pink, Wine red, Yellow