Caboche plus


Caboche lamps transform light into a sparkling composition of transparent spheres: a jewel of design born from a synthesis of technology and creativity.



Caboche was born in 2005 from the desire to create a precious and fascinating lamp like a pearl bracelet, developed in such a way as to be light and transparent. Rich, bright and sophisticated, it has been confirmed since its first appearance as one of the biggest Foscarini best-sellers, to become a true icon in the world of designer lighting. It is now available in its Plus version, with a new LED that guarantees an even more intense light, but without offending the eyes. In Caboche Plus, total transparency wins, the view runs through the entire lamp thanks to the new zigzag arches that do not shield the light. In addition, the new, even more intuitive and simple attachment system ensures greater stability to the sphere and simplifies its insertion.

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Gray, Transparent