Dipping Light


Beyond its function as a lamp, Dipping Light seeks to excite. When lit, it is fascinating: its different shades of paint sift the light, creating a magical effect in the environment. When turned off, it transforms into a colored glass sphere, an object with a great aesthetic charge.
Jordi Canudas is an alchemist of light, he is very interested in experimenting with it to be surprised and learn, he wants to capture the essence of light.



Dipping Light was born as just another experiment – dipping a lit light bulb in paint several times – but becomes a table lamp. Thus the various layers of paint draw concentric circles and trap the light, attenuating its intensity. The paint becomes a screen, coloring the light and giving it texture. A brass or graphite base is added as a support. This handcrafted process will make each lamp unique and exclusive.

The Dipping Light story has only just begun. Marset did not want to be satisfied with just the two table sizes it has had so far: its most poetic lamp expands its uses and the colors are maintained, the typology is expanded. You can also choose the finish of the seatpost between brushed brass and graphite.

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Amber – Brushed brass, Black – Brushed brass, Blue – Brushed brass, Green – Brushed brass, Pink – Brushed brass, White – Brushed brass