Funiculí is a reedition of a lamp designed in 1979. Lluís Porqueras always designed for absolute simplicity, eliminating the superfluous to leave the essence of the useful and simple object. 40 years later, Funiculí is still very current, both in its purist forms and in its performance.

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The name Funiculí comes from the concept of funicular action, of going up and down. This simple raising and lowering mechanism is achieved by means of a double clamp that allows the height of the screen to be changed to suit the user’s needs. The screen offers 360° rotation to direct the light beam where it is needed.

The base of the Funiculí has a rubber coating that covers the contour, avoids cold contact of the metal with the ground and adds stability to the lamp.

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Black, Green, Moss gray, Mustard, Off-white, Terracotta