The tabletop luminaire reveals its minimalist appearance given by the circular shape of its lower part, which becomes linear when it reaches the opening at the top of the lampshade. Yuh is the phonetic transcription of “you” representing the sound produced by the voice when pronouncing the term.



The luminaire provides mainly non-glare downward light. The screen angle can be adjusted to optimize light distribution. A small opening at the top of the display provides soft upward ambient illumination. A mechanical system allows great freedom of movement so that the light can always be placed in the right position at the workplace, in the living room, etc. The integrated LED technology provides high-quality light thanks to its progressive dimming from 15 % to 100 %. The timer function allows the light to be turned off automatically with three time options: off, 4 hours and 8 hours. A function allows a fixed level of illumination to be set each time the lamp is connected to the mains. At the top of the tube, a button acts as a switch and regulator.